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Champagne & Assorted Truffles

  • Assorted Truffes
    Assorted Truffes
    Our specialty are the truffes which are made of fresh cream and chocolate. The Truffes Specialite box contains a selection of our milk, butter, kirsch, dark, walnut, white, milk nougat, champagne, dark nougat, orange, dark...
  • Champagne Truffes
    Champagne Truffes
    Our House Speciality, the famous Champagne Truffes-a delicate blend of fresh cream, butter and chocolate with a champagne cream center, dusted with confectioner's sugar. The option for the Dark Champagne is also available...
  • Dark Champagne Truffes
    Dark Champagne Truffes
    Similar to the classical Champagne Truffes, the Dark Champagne is in all dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. A treat for chocolate connoisseurs!